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Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric Assessment

We, at KeyHR Solutions, provide excellent Psychometric Assessment Services for our clients. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, we are known for reliable assessments provided by us.

The behaviors of individuals and teams in the workplace can have a huge impact on the success of the organization, and the secret of sustained performance excellence lies in matching the individuals who possess the right capabilities and behaviors to the right roles. Psychometric testing is one of the most effective ways of measuring ability and personality, enabling accurate assessments to be made about an individual’s potential to perform in a particular role.

KeyHR Solutions provides administration and distribution of a broad range of psychometric instruments, including personality, values and interest inventories as well as ability and aptitude tests.

Occupational Personality Questionnaire
Our consultants are trained in Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), a versatile instrument that provides valuable insight into a person's preferred behavioral style at work by measuring 32 different characteristics of personality. Our consultants can apply the OPQ to all levels of the organization where the identification and development of performance potential is critical:-

  • Enabling more informed and accurate hiring decisions when recruiting and selecting
  • Identifying those most likely to excel in sales and customer contact positions
  • Predicting leadership potential and informing succession planning
  • Maximizing personal development by understanding preferred learning styles
  • Gaining personal insight and aiding self reflection for career development
  • Team profiling and building effective teams
  • Identifying the organization's management style and planning for organizational change
A range of other psychometric instruments are available for focused insights into individual motivation drivers, facilitation of 360 degrees performance development, capturing the collective culture of the organization, and informing the development of Directors and Senior Executives.

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